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Fit Force Product Reviews; Adidas Ultra Booast

Fit Force Product Reviews; Adidas Ultra Booast

The Life Style Sports ‘Fit Force’ are an elite team of highly trained, in-store Running and Fitness product experts committed to helping you find the right clothing, footwear and equipment for your workout.

Whether you’re an experienced runner or hitting the gym for the first time, our Fit Force have all the product advice and expertise you need to look good and feel great, while hitting those get fit goals.

This week, Fit Force team member Eadaoin from our Mahon Point store reviews the new adidas Women’s Ultra Boost running shoe. Eadaoin is currently studying to become a Fitness professional and loves nothing more than hitting the roads and clocking up some KMs. Check out her review and get some great information on the adidas Women’s Ultra Boost below:

The Stats:

  • Style: adidas Ultra Boost
  • Price: €155
  • Ideal for: Daily or long distance multi- surface running

  • As a Recreation and Leisure student, Running and Fitness is a big part of my life so I’m always looking for new challenges that can feed my interests and test my fitness limits. As part of my training for the recent Toughathalon obstacle course, I decided it was time to lace up my runners and start pounding the pavement again.

    Before I ever hit the roads, I knew I would need to have the right gear to do so in order to maximise my performance and minimise the risk of any injuries. Having the right footwear for Running is vital, as wearing the wrong footwear can actually do more damage than good. Research has shown that when running, the force exerted on your knees and feet can reach anywhere from 5-12 times your body weight. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you have the correct running shoe for your foot type before you hit the roads.

    Since they first launched into the marketing back in 2013, the Adidas Boost has been marketed as a running shoe which feels ‘unlike anything else’. As an avid runner, I was really excited to put this theory to the test! Over the course of a week, I wore the newest iteration of the adidas Boost, the Ultra Boost, while out training for the looming ‘Toughthalon’ challenge. I covered approximately 20K, mainly road running, over the week and overall was very impressed with my experience.

    Fit  ForceSo now for the science! The adidas Ultra Boost is a cushioning shoe for people with a neutral foot type (that’s me!). At first glance, the cushioning on this shoe could be mistaken for Styrofoam, however it is much more than that. This ‘Styrofoam’ cushioning is actually a bespoke material that has been specifically designed by adidas, constructed of expanded TPU beads that are fused together using high pressured steam. It is this technology which makes the adidas Ultra Boost so unique when compared to other running footwear. The cushioning system in the shoe allows for a higher energy return and is what makes the footwear so responsive and comfortable to wear. The adidas Ultra Boost literally puts a spring in your step!

    The shoe is also quite lightweight, yet still provides full support for your feet. This is something that can be hard to achieve in other running shoes as too much cushioning can sometimes weigh down the shoe. The Primeknit upper of the shoe provides a natural flexible support and a seamless sock-like fit while the stretchable breathable mesh allows for ventilation, allowing the material to dry quicker if it becomes wet.

    Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the adidas Ultra Boost. After my first wear, my original scepticism vanished and I immediately became an Ultra Boost convert! I found the shoes to be extremely responsive and could really feel the bounce back from the shoe on each foot strike. I found that it worked well on both gravel and the road and the traction of the outer sole was very effective even on the wet ground. The shoe also has a torsion system built in that connects the heel to the forefoot which is perfect for runners who have trouble with their arches as it offers great support and stability.

    The adidas Ultra Boost is available in select stores and online at Life Style Sports . Drop into any of our 63 stores nationwide to meet our Fit Force and receive the very best advice on the right Running & Fitness clothing, footwear and equipment for you.

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