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Style Ambassador Conor Murray's latest blog post

Style Ambassador Conor Murray's latest blog post
It was actually cool to spend the New Year without the usual madness going on, it was nice to just chill out and reflect on the past 12 months, and also look forward to the next 12! Lots of challenges ahead on and off the field but I'm looking forward to each and every one of them. One off the pitch challenge ahead is moving into my first house, which I should get the keys for pretty soon. It'll be nice to finally have a place to call my own!

So I’m back playing again now after a little injury lay off recently. It can get quite frustrating on the sidelines so I’m lucky that my injury was a short one. It was great to get the win against Edinburgh there recently and more importantly a home quarter final.Something to look forward to in April! For now we are in camp and looking forward to what could be a very exciting Six Nations!

It's nice to get back to camp and catch up with the lads again too, the Life Style Sports 4 are back together again - Dave, Ian, Pete and myself. We all obviously shopped in the same stores over the Christmas and New Year as we seem to be all matching across a lot of outfits! Except Pete of course, who went for the usual dodgy stuff!! In camp this week I'm rooming with Paddy Jackson, he's here contemplating which song he should sing for his next video he's going to release? Any ideas? Back to Blog

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