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  • Buying

    Our Buyers identify new trends in the market; liaise with our brand partners to get you the most stylish, exclusive and on-trend product every season. They also develop and design our own brands working across the globe to develop & expand our new sports style category
  • Merchandising

    Retail Merchandisers work in collaboration with the buying team. They manage supplier stock levels to ensure the right product is in the correct location at the right time
Meet Maura in our Buying Team

How did I get to my current role in Life Style Sports?

When I was in 5th year in school, I was asked what occupation I would like to do for the rest of my life. I replied, "Retail buying". I studied a certificate in Retail Enterprise Management and then onto a degree in Marketing. I joined Life Style Sports and worked as a trainee manager. I then applied internally for the role of a buying administrator. All went well and here I am in the buying department working in something I was always interested in. A dream come true!

What's my team like?

We have a laugh together but the work gets done. Each and every individual in the buying team is extremely enthusiastic and very encouraging. There is always someone to help out and steer you in the right direction. This really made me feel very welcome to head office. I think we all work really well together and have become good friends.

What is a typical day in Buying?

The start of the week is all about analysing sales from the week previous and identifying missed opportunities and rectifying ways of turning these into sales. The remainder of the week could be spent doing store visits or spent meeting suppliers. The stores are our link to the customer so we have to ensure our products are looking the best they can. Viewing the supplier's collections is probably my favourite part. Seeing the latest collection the brands have to offer is very exciting.

What do I enjoy about my role?

There is no chance you would get bored in buying!!! It's essential not to be in the office all day every day as it is important to know what is going on in the market place. We complete a market analysis report every season and this allows us to get out to the high street bring our cameras, analysis trends and examine competitor activity.

Handy hints for advice?

My advice to anyone would be to never let your original ideal job go too far out of sight. Buying was always in the back of my mind. I was on holidays for a week or two when I was trainee manager in store and when I returned, I was searching for an old email I had deleted and I actually came across the buying administration role here! So you never know it may pop up somewhere you may never expect!!