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History Of Nike Air Max

History Of Nike Air Max

Nike Air Max Day 26.03.2015

The Evolution Of Visible Air

In 1987 Nike Air was not a new proposition. Runners were already familiar with the benefits of the cushioning technology. But seeing is believing.

Nike Air hit a high when it became more than a feeling. Nike designer Tinker Hatfield set out to make the breakthrough technology visible so runners could better understand its cushioning benefits. He created the Nike Air Max with Visible Air.

  • 1987 Air Max 1 became the first shoe to showcase the visible Nike Air technology.

      History Of Nike Air Max

  • 1990 Air Max 90 was created with more air.

      History Of Nike Air Max

  • 1991 Air Max 180 was the first shoe to feature a 180- degree visible Air- Sole.

  • 1993 Air Max 93 a new Air- Sole construction method called blow molding was used, which allowed for the creation of Air-Soles in 3-D shapes that didn’t depend on air pressure.

      History Of Nike Air Max

  • 1995 Air Max 95 consisted of two separate blow- molded Air- Sole units, was the first manifestation of visible air in the forefoot.

      History Of Nike Air Max

  • 1997 Air Max 97 featured a full-length Air- Sole, making a monumental leap forward toward the goal of a fully foamless Air Max.

  • 1998 Air Max Plus used physical structures to augment the stability of Nike Max Air cushioning this innovative play on air cushioning was called Tuned Air.

  • 2006 Air Max 360 finally attained the goal of a foamless shoe — nearly 20 years after the first Air Max. To create the Air Max 360, Forland’s team utilized Caged Air technology instead of foam as the stabilizer.

      History Of Nike Air Max

  • 2015 Air Max 2015 eliminated foam to increasing flexibility. Utilizing tubular construction, they built deep flex grooves into the Air-Soles, resulting in the most flexible Max Air cushioning platform ever.

      History Of Nike Air Max

    After the long journey, Forland learned that innovation doesn’t come without risk.

  •   History Of Nike Air Max

    “I remember the first blow-molded Air-Sole unit. We worked so hard on that and had no idea if people would embrace it. I was at an airport right around the time the first Air Max sneaker launched. I was calling a tech in the lab when someone walked by wearing a pair. I stared at him from the phone booth and said, ‘Somebody bought them. I see the Air-Sole going up and down.’ It was a big risk, but bigger reward. For the Air Max family, it's only up from here.” - David Forland

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