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Ian Madigan talks pre-season

Ian Madigan talks pre-season
After enjoying a good tour in Argentina, two games, two wins, I then had a month off to relax and unwind after a long season. The tour was a great way to finish the year and a big step forward towards the Rugby World Cup next year, some new faces and a chance for us to build on a good six nations.

Seven of the guys from the team went to Las Vegas for a few days, four days is all you can take here as its non stop, but it's great to let the hair down and relax. We were lucky that Dave Kearney and Fergus's birthdays fell at the time we were there which gave us extra reason to celebrate, and we did!

Next up was Portugal for a week to have a more relaxing holiday and a chance for the body and mind to decompress. I enjoyed a few rounds of golf with friends and family and came back to Ireland ready to get my head around another pre season. It wasn't a total break as a lot of the team were also there, but it was amazing how some sun and lie ins can regenerate the body and mind! Some light training was undertaken as we must keep a level of fitness during the off season, so while the body needed a rest, it doesn’t get a chance to forget!

Now that the head and feet are firmly back on the ground, I made a trip to Life Style Sports to get some new gym gear which I feel always helps motivate me to get back into the gym. Adidas have some cool tank tops and gym gear out at the moment. I am in two minds about what boots I'm going to wear this year, I really like the Nike Magistra boots that go up to the ankle. Ferg has been looking sharp with them on in training, so I am going to give these a go – they are available online through

Eight long weeks of pre season has now started and another season nearly upon us, with a Rugby World Cup in 2015, so I can’t wait to get back playing!

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