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Murray on the Six Nations Ireland Camp

Murray on the Six Nations Ireland Camp

THINGS are going well on the pitch for Ireland and also for me personally in this Six Nations – but I might have to make a tough decision off it soon in regards to who I room with.

I’ve been sharing with Felix Jones during the competition so far, who I know well from Munster and we have been getting on famously. We have the same ideas when it comes to relaxing and getting away from it all. But I used to always room with Keith Earls before that and now he is close to coming back from injury; I don’t know what to do. I think Paul O’Connell has bagged him for the time being, so I might have to wrestle Keith back, we’ll have to wait and see. Paul O’Connell is not a man to be messed with though.

With two wins out of two in the defence of our Six Nations crown, it is safe to say that the mood is really good in the Ireland camp right now. A winning team is always going to be happy, but to be honest that is never something this group of players has ever had a problem with.

Conor Murray

Things are really intense during the games, and then even in training we keep that intensity going, right through to the video reviews. But it is just as important to get away from it all and relax, and there is a really friendly atmosphere within the squad right now.

I find it very easy to switch off and relax when we’re not in game mode, I like to watch something on TV or go for a coffee with some of the boys. It’s certainly important to switch off and recharge the batteries, your muscles and your mind and thankfully that is something that comes quite easily with this group.

Everyone has their own ways of doing that and we are lucky that we have a few boys in the squad that help things along in that respect. Ian Madigan is a bit of a practical joker, and Simon Zebo likes to throw on the tunes in the bedroom and start dancing. You need guys like that to help take off some of the pressure and just bring a good atmosphere to everything.

This weekend we have a rest week so I will be taking the time to go and see the family and spending some quality time with them. You don’t get to see the family much after games really because there is so much going on, with the warm down and then doing all the media.

So this weekend I will have a nice meal with my family, rest up as best I can so that I am ready for England.

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