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Style Ambassador Peter O'Mahony's Blog Post

Style Ambassador Peter O'Mahony's Blog Post
The last few weeks have been savage!. It’s been great to be back in camp with the lads - our base in Carton house and then on to the Shelbourne closer to the game. It's nice having two different bases that are so different in themselves. Carton House is really chilled and quiet and then it’s great to be in the Shelbourne with all the buzz of the city.

With all the storms over the last few weeks it's been very tough on people and you'd hope the worst of it is over. I tried to make the best of it by taking my Land Rover to its limit.I have an old short wheel base Defender and the floods were a good test for it,I nearly got washed away at one stage but we got home safely in the end.

I used to do a good bit of kayaking when I was younger so I decided to invest in my own boat last summer.I was feeling a bit brave last week with the winds and the rain pouring down so I packed up my gear and put the kayak on the Jeep and headed off to Inchadoney. When I arrived and saw the swell I had a good mind to turn around but I gave it a lash and I had great craic when I wasn't being washed up on the beach face first. The new Adidas Originals hoodies gear I got recently came in handy to warm up afterwards.

After all the outdoor adventures I’m now thinking ahead to this weekend’s Six Nations match against Italy. It’s been an epic tournament so far, let’s hope this weekend’s match is no different!. Back to Blog

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