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Not sure of your foot type? Complete the bendy knee test here


The Bendy Knee Test

1. Remove your footwear and place your feet shoulder width apart

2. Bend your knees into a shallow squat

3. Observe the position of your knees

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Your foot type is:

Overpronation (flat foot)

This foot type is flat without any arch. When running the heel lands first but the foot lands more squarely and rolls inwards, which is known as 'over pronation'. Overpronantion feet require support and therefore require a stability shoe.

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Underpronation (High Arch)

This foot type has little or no join between the forefoot and heel. This foot is rigid & is not an effective shock absorber and so requires a trainer with support.

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Neutral (Normal)

If you have neither a low or high arch, then you have a neutral foot. The neutral foot is the easiest to fit! As a normal pronator you can wear just about any footwear, but may be best suited to stability footwear that provides moderate support. Runners who prefer lightweight footwear might prefer cushioned footwear with no added support for a faster feel!

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