Nike Football Boots

Nike Football Boots

We have a wide range of Nike football boots for you to choose from in our listings. Our range of Nike football boots includes the latest Mercurial, Phantom, and Tiempo football boots. We also have all surfaces covered, including firm ground, soft ground, and AstroTurf.

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How to Choose the Right Nike Football Boots?

How should Nike football boots fit?

Your next pair of Nike football boots should have a moderately tight fit, while still feeling comfortable to wear. The tightness can help prevent them from coming off and will make them feel more secure on your feet.

At the same time, you should have about a centimetre of wiggle room at the top of each boot to stop your toes from getting squashed. This also protects your feet and means they won’t get stubbed or hurt when kicking a ball around.

Should Nike football boots be a size bigger?

Our range of Nike football boots are true to size, so this means if you’re a size 10 you should buy a size 10. If you don’t know your size all you need to do is get measured up first and then you can pick the right pair. You may wish to get half a size up if you’re going to wear several pairs of socks or thicker football socks as these extra layers can make your boots feel a bit tighter.

Should my Nike football boots have studs or moulded blades?

Whether you choose studs or moulded blades with your next pair of Nike football boots should be down to how you play football and where you play it. If you’re about pace and being quick off the mark, moulded blades are better as the larger surface area they create underfoot can boost your acceleration. Whereas studs are better for those who spend a lot of time on the ball as they anchor you down and help improve how effectively you can pivot and turn.

Both moulded blades and studs can also be used in firm ground, but studs are better for soft ground as they dig in to the pitch and again make you more secure on your feet. If you’re going to be mainly playing on artificial pitches then it’s worth checking if there are any rules in place for your footwear. This is because it’s often the case that blades are prohibited on artificial surfaces like AstroTurf.