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Under Armour Health Box

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Under Armour Health Box

The Under Armour Health Box is your interlinked fitness system. The band tracks your sleep, monitors heart rate, counts your daily steps and monitors the intensity of your training. The scale can be used to help you reach your goal by tracking body weight and body fat. The heart rate monitor in the form of a chest strap keeps a record of your heart rate while you train.


Product Features

  • Your UA band will count your steps, measure your sleep and even notify you when you have been inactive too long.
  • Once the band is synced with your phone you can receive notifications and have music control.
  • Your UA scale will measure your weight and body fat.
  • The scale can have up to 8 users data stored.
  • Your UA heart rate monitor provides an accurate heart rate reading and measures training intensity.
  • The monitor is snug and comfortable and water resistant.

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