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Find your perfect running shoe

Find the perfect running shoe for all your needs in 6 easy steps, as recommended by our running experts.
help Why do I need to choose?
Running footwear is specifically designed for men's and women's feet to ensure a better fit and help reduce the risk of injury.
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help Why do I need to select a surface?
Trail terrains can be rugged and unpredictable, so trail running shoes often don’t have the same support features as traditional running shoes to help prevent injury.
help What is pronation?
Pronation refers to the natural movement of your foot and how it rolls to absorb impact when landing during running.
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help Why should I select distance?
Running shoes are designed with specific distances in mind and have specialist features to help you run better.
help Why should I select a running goal?
Running shoes have two purposes: Help you run faster or run further.
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