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Fit Force Product Reviews: Under Armour 'Armour Vent' Mens Fitness Range

Fit Force Product Reviews: Under Armour 'Armour Vent' Mens Fitness Range

The Life Style Sports ‘Fit Force’ are an elite team of highly trained, in-store Running and Fitness product experts committed to helping you find the right clothing, footwear and equipment for your workout.

Whether you’re an experienced runner or hitting the gym for the first time, our Fit Force have all the product advice and expertise you need to look good and feel great, while hitting those get fit goals!

This week, Fit Force team member Shane from our Carrickmines store reviews the new Under Armour Mens ‘Armour Vent’ Fitness range. Shane plays team sports several times a week and enjoys setting personal fitness goals and challenges. Check out his review and get some great information on the Under Armour Mens ‘Armour Vent’ Fitness range below:

The Stats:

  • Style: Under Armour 'Armour Vent'
  • Price: From €30
  • Ideal for: Working out at the gym, TRX, Crossfit, Bootcamp etc.

  • ShortsWhile I’m pretty active in general by playing sport several times a week, hitting the gym is something I've never really had the time or the budget for! In an effort to better fit my workouts in around my schedule, I decided to try a 30 Day Abs Challenge at home. To start my new Challenge off properly, I made sure I had the right gear for my workout with the new Under Armour ‘Armour Vent’ tee and shorts.

    While my football jersey and shorts are perfect for the pitch, they’re not ideal for fitness workouts, even if it’s only in your own home. When you exercise in performance oriented, technical clothing such as the Armour Vent, you’ll really notice the difference. The flat seams on the shorts and tee offer greater comfort and ease irritations which you may have ignored before such as tightness and chaffing. These aren't something that would necessarily stop you exercising but being comfortable during your workout means you can train harder and for longer.

    Fit ForceAs well as being extra comfortable the slightly longer length Armour Vent shorts offer good coverage and support where needed. The waistband at the back is flat and really elastic meaning the shorts don’t move around, or even worse, fall down every time you bend over or squat. Nobody needs to see that! The Armour Vent shorts feel like two pairs in one in so far as the groin area of the shorts is form fitting but allows maximum movement while the rest of the material around the knees is looser meaning you don’t feel exposed like your working out in a pair of GAA shorts! Also, the vents at the back of the shorts provide great breathability, keeping you nicely cool which significantly improved the overall comfort of my workout.

    The Armour Vent t- shirt is equally as comfortable as the shorts thanks to similar venting on the back but also the sweat wicking material which draws moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable. Like the shorts the t- shirt is also quite form fitting but without being too tight or making you feel like you have to be ripped to wear it!

    Overall I really enjoyed trialing the Under Armour ‘Armour Vent’ range and will definitely invest in some more pieces. Working out in the right gear brings your workout to a whole other level and really enables you to up your game. Whether you’re working out in the gym or trying some DIY exercise at home, the Under Armour ‘Armour Vent’ is sure to give you that extra edge!

    The Under Armour Mens ‘Armour Vent’ Fitness range is available in select stores and online at Life Style Sports . Drop into any of our 63 stores nationwide to meet our Fit Force and receive the very best advice on the right Running & Fitness clothing, footwear and equipment for you.

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