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Workouts that Work!

Workouts that Work!


When it comes to exercise classes, we're spoilt for choice. So how do you choose the right class for you? We've had a little nosey round the most popular classes and are here to offer you the lowdown.


Spinning is a group exercise class that replicates outdoor cycling. If you know how to ride a bike, you know how to spin. Plus everyone can workout at his or her own pace and there’s no need to wear a helmet. Participants can burn between 400- 600 calories during an average spin class.


As suggested by the name, boxercise combines boxing with aerobic exercise. Classes can involve shadowboxing, skipping, hitting pads and lots more exercises used by boxers to keep fit. Don’t worry; you never actually hit an opponent! With boxercise, you could burn between 340- 420 calories in an hour.


Not particularly suggested by the name, Zumba involves dance and aerobic components. The choreography mixes elements from hip-hop, samba, salsa and martial arts with squats and lunges. Energetic and fun, the average class (depending on intensity and fitness level) can burn from 500- 800 calories.


Circuit training mixes strength and cardio with participants rotating frequently between the various exercises. It's a fast- paced workout so you won't have time get bored and you could burn around 570 calories an hour.


This cardio strength class uses barbells to do resistance exercises. It's an enjoyable, but demanding workout especially designed to raise your heart rate and work each area of your body. Depending on the intensity of the class, you could burn about 600 calories in an hour.


This ancient discipline is great for body and mind. There are lots of different types, varying from the more gentle Hatha to the intensive heated Bikram yoga. The amount of calories you will burn depend on the class but yoga is also great for strength, flexibility and general health.


Pilates is a physical fitness system known for endurance, improving posture and strengthening the core. This body conditioning routine can be altered from beginners to advanced. The calories burned will depend on your level but a moderate class can burn 277 calories in an hour.

8. TRX

The TRX suspension system uses your body weight and gravity as resistance. It's an aerobic workout of 'supersets' where exercises are paired with no rest in between. It's great for muscle toning and a half hour class could burn between 180 and 266 calories. So, no excuses! Get your gear on and sign up today.


It may look like a bed but we guarantee you won’t be sleeping! The reformer is a piece of Pilates equipment that provides resistance and support during exercise. Pilates Reformer improves strength and flexibility and helps to create long, strong muscles without the bulk. Classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels and participants usually burn between 250-450 calories.


CrossFit was created in 2000 and is growing in popularity every year. Workouts combine elements from a variety of sports including high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, gymnastics and calisthenics. CrossFit aims to improve stamina, strength, power and speed and participants can burn 260 calories in 20 minutes.


If you can spell, you can Bokwa – the new group exercise class that’s really taking off. Participants draw letters and numbers with their feet while performing a high- energy cardio workout routine. People of all ages and all fitness levels can take part, the music is pumping and you could burn up to 1,200 calories in an hour. Sounds G-O- O-D to us!

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