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Fit Force Product Reviews: Asics Gel Pulse

Fit Force Product Reviews: Asics Gel Pulse

The Life Style Sports ‘Fit Force’ are an elite team of highly trained, instore Running and Fitness product experts committed to helping you find the right clothing, footwear and equipment for your workout.

Whether you’re an experienced runner or hitting the gym for the first time, our Fit Force have all the product advice and expertise you need to look good and feel great, while hitting those get fit goals!

This week, Fit Force team member Charlene from our Richmond store in Derry/Londonderry reviews the Asics Gel Pulse trainer. Charlene is an all- round fitness fanatic, mixing up three times a week running sessions with high intensity indoor fitness. Check out her review and get some great information on the Asics Gel Pulse range below:

The Stats:

  • Style: Asics Gel Pulse
  • Price: €100
  • Ideal for: Multi-surface running, indoor and outdoor

  • The Asics Gel Pulse has been a hit with our customers as soon it arrived in store thanks to the super bright Spring colour way so I couldn’t wait to start running in an Asics trainer for the very first time.

    As the saying goes ‘Footwear is comprised of both Socks and Shoes’ so before I started, I made sure I had a good quality pair of socks to wear with the Asics Gel Pulse. I went with the Asics Women’s Running sock but customers can also choose from the unisex Asics Pulse sock both of which feature anti-blister material to provide great protection from painful chaffing

    Not only is this trainer a show- stopper style wise but the cutting edge product technology offers a fantastic running experience due to the following:

    Breathable Mesh

  • Moisture management and Odour management which reduces odour and prevents the risk of uncomfortable foot conditions i.e. Blisters, Athlete’s foot
  • SPEVA 45 Lasting & SPEVA

  • By combining these two materials in the midsole the risk of breakdown of the midsole is reduced, delivering increased durability
  • Greater bounce-back for enhanced comfort and an easier ride
  • Gel Technology

  • Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel in the midsole is key as it absorbs the shock and impact of the gait cycle; i.e. from Point of Contact to Toe-Off. This reduces the athletes risk of injury while providing lightweight and durable comfort
  • Guidane Lines

  • Lateral lines that run along the outsole of the shoe to enhance gait efficiency
  • AHAR+ Sole

  • This also delivers enhanced grip on your running surface and better durability on the sole of your trainers.

  • Rate  Card

    As a short distance runner (5k) I found that the ASICS Gel Pulse 6 went above and beyond my expectations while running both on the roads and on a treadmill in the gym. In my opinion, even if you were to run 10k 2-3 times a week in the Asics Gel Pulse, you could do so without experiencing any discomfort or fast wear and tear of the trainer. The Asics Gel Pulse is a tight fitting trainer so I would suggest trying it on instore to find your perfect fit if possible.

    The Asics Gel Pulse is best suited to those with a neutral or under-pronated foot strike. If you’re unsure of what type of foot strike you have, why not try our free Gait Analysis which is available in 10 stores nationwide. It takes less than two minutes and our Fit Force team would be delighted to help you find the right running footwear for your individual foot strike.

    Overall, the Asics Gel Pulse is a really versatile running shoe which will take you from road running outdoors to treadmill running at the gym in comfort. If you like your running kit to look good as well as help you perform at your very best, then the Asics Gel Pulse is definitely the trainer for you!

    The Asics Gel Pulse is available in select stores and online at Life Style Sports. Drop into any of our 61 stores nationwide to meet our Fit Force and receive the very best advice on the right Running & Fitness clothing, footwear and equipment for you.

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