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Style Ambassador Dave Kearney's latest blog

Style Ambassador Dave Kearney's latest blog
End of season is always the best part of the season, the business end so to speak! It's funny, you think it's the toughest part of the year, training really hard on the pitch loads and lots of gym sessions, but with more down time than usual it’s actually not. The seasons are always long so it's really important that you’re feeling fresh coming into the final stages. There’s definitely some ‘Boring Kearney’ gold in here but it is the time when you’re eating and sleeping best so for me, that means bed at 7pm, or if I'm feeling rebellious, maybe even 8pm!

Unfortunately, this year, my season ended prematurely as I picked up an injury in the semi-final against Ulster. ACL reconstruction was needed, which meant I was on couch for the next month. It was hugely disappointing to pick up a serious injury, but if anything it was the best time of the season to do it. As a result, I've never been so bored in my life! While I was resting up, a lot of the lads were away on tour, some on holidays, so there wasn't much to do. I'd say I watched every Friends episode, every Modern Family episode, and at one stage, I even watched Jeremy Kyle on TV to fill my time! I did have some visitors now and then however - my mum would come up and cook me food for the week which was a bonus. Can't beat your mother’s food.

There was one thing however that was keeping me sane throughout my injury. Once my mobility was a bit better I headed over to Vegas to meet the lads when they finished their tour. It was my first time going, and I must say, it was hands down the best holiday of my life. It's an unbelievable place, I'd go back in a heartbeat! Even though I was pretty much sitting down everywhere I went, I still loved every second of it.

It was back to reality then as I started rehab the day I got back from Vegas. Sad to be back but I was looking forward to getting started on the knee. I trained for a few weeks and then got a week off. So I can't complain as I'm currently in Portugal at the moment with my family, a very different holiday to Vegas but very enjoyable at the same time!

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