Sports bras. Measured for you.

The right sports bra is the key to getting the most out of your workout. But how do you find the perfect one for you? 

It all depends on the kind of exercise you like. Do you opt for slow, stretchy workouts? Or a medium pace to break a sweat? Maybe you like to feel the burn with high-intensity sessions? All of this, and your breast size, impacts the level of support you need. 

About our Service

LifeFit is a free, comfortable and non-judgemental space dedicated to finding your perfect sports bra. Our Bra Fit Experts will guide you through the entire process in-store. We start by assessing your needs and taking your measurements. From there, we help you choose a sports bra that suits your workout and lifestyle. It's as simple as that. 

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Can't make it in-store?

No worries. Here are a few simple steps to measure your sports bra size at home. 


Underbust Measurement

  1. Using a fabric measuring tape, wrap it directly below your bust.
  2. Keep the tape level and exhale.
  3. This will be your underbust size.

Bust Measurement

  1. Wearing an unpadded bra, wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your bust.
  2. Keep the tape level. 
  3. This will be your bust size.
1" A
2" B
3" C
4" D
5" DD
6" E
7" F
8" FF
9" G
10" GG
11" H
12" HH
13" J
14" JJ
15" K

Bust- Band = Cup

  • For the best fit, round your measurements to the nearest number. Now, you can use your dimensions to shop online from our range of sports bras.