Covering all positions and surfaces, our expertly curated selection of kids’ football boots from adidas, Nike and Puma feature the latest in trainer tech to elevate your children’s control on the field ⁠– from soft and firm ground to AstroTurf pitches.
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How to Choose the Right Kids’ Football Boots?

How should kids’ football boots fit?

Any kids’ football boots should be snug and reasonably tight in terms of their fit. If they’re too loose or big, it’s likely they’ll come off or impede their running when they’re on the pitch. While some tightness is important, it’s also key to make sure they’re still comfortable at the same time.

On top of this, there should be around a centimetre of room at the top of each boot, as this will stop their toes from becoming squashed and it’ll prevent them from potentially hurting their toes if they kick a ball.

Should kids’ football boots be a size bigger?

The general rule of thumb nowadays with football boots is to simply buy them in your size. This also applies to kids’ football boots as the majority of brands now make them true to size. The only real exceptions will be if you know your children will be wearing multiple pairs of socks, or they’ll have thicker football socks on. If this is the case, just get half a size up as this will make sure their boots aren’t too tight.

If you’re still unsure, just get their feet measured before you buy a new pair.

Should kids’ football boots have studs or moulded blades?

The choice of whether to have studs or moulded blades with kids’ football boots is down to how they play football and where they’ll be playing it. If they’re fast and nimble, blades are a better option as they give a bigger surface area underfoot, increasing their traction and helping them accelerate.

Studs – which are sometimes called ‘conical studs’ – dig into surfaces better and provide more grip, which makes them better for children who have good close control who need to neatly twist and turn.

Moulded blades or studs can also be good on firm ground, but because studs dig in to the ground they’re better and grippier on softer surfaces. However, if your children are playing on any artificial surfaces you should check to see if they have any restrictions in place, as some pitches aren’t suitable for blades.